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Hey Y'all (did I just type "Y'all"?) -

A quick hit to let you know that my first piece for WCDish.com is now available on the WC Dish website.

The article details a recent dining adventure I shared with WC Dish founder and Dishious vlog star Mary B. at the Philly-area Asian-fusion spot Teikoku, during which we sampled on-menu items paired with specific selections from Teikoku's new "elements"-inspired wine list.

Much goofiness ensued.

Though I regretfully report to you that, despite the clear and irresistible opportunity that the wine list presented us to make serious Earth Wind & Fire references, at no time during the dinner did I don a glitter cape and silver space-man jumpsuit.

Oh well...

I hope to make restaurant-hopping wine-list reviews with Mary for WC Dish a regular occurence. Enjoy...

(images: wcdish.com)


Anonymous said...

Willyboy says go Steelers!

Joe Roberts said...

Wee-ree San!!! Where you been? I have lots of wine I need to share with you...

Debra Morgan said...

cool, earth beans, Joe :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

I found your site today as I was looking online for more beverage industry content to read. Just got my iPhone and it's made it easier for me to consume more content.

Anyway, congrats on your first piece with WC Dish... I'll have to hop onto their site and check it out. I'm sure you'll see more comments from me in the future.

~ Rick

Joe Roberts said...

Thanks genevelyn & Rick!

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