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3 Sure-fire Rules for Passing Sobriety Checkpoints

This past Friday, at about 2AM, I was driving back home after a long day, a great Mexican dinner with some foodie friends, and a very fun gig with my band in downtown West Chester.

I was stopped about halfway home, on backroads, by a police sobriety checkpoint.

Had I been drinking that night? Well... duh...!

Did I drink responsibly, ending my alcohol intake hours before I had planned to head home after the gig? Yep.

Did I 'pass' this sobriety checkpoint?

Of course, I 'passed' the sobriety checkpoint, thanks to my tried-and-true, never-fail, guaranteed-to-work or your-money-back 3 Rules for Passing Sobriety Checkpoints.

Today, free of charge, I'm going to share my 3 Rules with you...!

The 1WineDude.com 3 Rules for Passing Sobriety Checkpoints:
  1. Don't be drunk.
  2. Be Sober.
  3. Don't be 'Not-sober'.

There you have it! Simple, straight-forward, and guaranteed-to-work - or your money back!

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Have a happy - and responsibly safe! - Monday.


(images: www.flickr.com/photos/stacylynn, timeinc.net)


Anonymous said...

Excellent rules. Reminds me of a Monty Python movie!

How's the family, by the by?

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