Yo, Dudes and Dudettes! My blog has moved!

You should be automatically redirected in about 6 seconds. If not, surf yourself over to
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We've Moved!

We've Moved!

1WineDude.blogspot.com is dead. Long live 1WineDude.com!

1WineDude.com has officially packed up and moved out to its very own host!

Siyanara, Bloggah!

The smart, attractive, and well-liked among you who are already subscribers to this here blog should continue to receive 1WD updates uninterrupted as we switch over. Those of you who aren't yet subscribers... well, was it something I said?

If you'd like to keep on readin' the Dude, please update your links to point to


You are certainly welcome to keep coming to 1WineDude.blogspot.com, though you might grow tired of re-reading this point each time that you visit.



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I will have to check you at the new location

dinetonite said...

Nice thingggg

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