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Wine and Health (or "Here We Go Again")

Here we go again.

The topic of wine & health is no stranger to the (virtual) pages of 1WineDude.com. Basically, I like to keep on the topic, mostly because it provides such great fodder for ridicule.

Ok, that's harsh. Let's not call it ridicule. Let's call it poking fun. That sounds better, doesn't it? Ok, now that we have that cleared up...

According to ScienceDaily.com, a recent announcement by a joint team from Oxford and Norway - at least, I think it's joint Oxford / Norway team; it's listed in the article as "The team from Oxford’s Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics and Norway", which I assume is a joint effort as it would be strange to have a Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics and Norway (nothing against Norway, of course; after all, they brought us the... uhm.... err... let me get back to you on that...) - dang... lost my train of thought there...

Oh, yeah, I remember now - The joint team (as in, the collaboration between Oxford and Norway, not a team researching ganja) announced study findings that showed that chocolate, tea, and, of course, wine enhance cognitive performance.

Now, before you go out and get amped up on Starbuck's, blitzed on your favorite vino and buy stock in Ethel's chocolate, you need to know a few things.

First, the study is based on data from about 2,000 participants in their 70s. You might not be in this demographic.

Secondly, while the team suspects that polyphenols (in the form of flavonoids) are the source of the enhanced cognitive ability for the mature audience in the study, the researchers caution that "more research would be needed to prove that it was flavonoids, rather than some other aspect of the foods studied, that made the difference." In other words, the negative health impacts of imbibing too much caffiene, alcohol, and sugar/fat probably far outweigh the benefits of the flavonoids; moderate consumption, as always, is best.

Finally, Ethel's is privately owned - so you won't be buying any stock (sorry).

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Anonymous said...

"after all, they brought us the... uhm.... err... let me get back to you on that...) - dang..."

Norway is famous for their wood. They brought us Norweigian wood. Which may have something to do with ganja, I'm not sure.

Joe Roberts said...

Well, Steve - that depends on whether you're a Beatles guy or a Stones guy...

Anonymous said...

I will happily choose to believe that chocolate, wine and tea all enhance my cognitive performance. It suits me that way!

BTW I am in no way connected to The Department of Norway or any other country-sized department for that matter :)

Joe Roberts said...

Thanks, Spud.

But it's the Internet... how can we be sure that you're not Norwegian??? :)

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in moderation.

Hedonism rules!

Joe Roberts said...

Alright, Wenchie - let's talk when you're 40! :-)

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