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More Mutineer LUV

A quick hit to let you know that an interview with the Dude here has been posted on the Mutineer Magazine blog.

The interview provides some insight into the genesis of 1WineDude.com, and why I'm still at it, and is also notable for my blabbering, almost Sarah Palin-esque responses to some of the questions.

Because, like, uhmmm, you know, it's really all about job creation, right?

Anyway, if you want to know more about Mutineer, you can also check out a detailed interview with Mutineer Mag editor Alan Kropf in a recent episode on The New Wine Consumer podcast (embeded version below).

Thanks again to Mutineer for the LUV!



Cheers! (images: www.mutineermagazine.com)


Robert said...

Nice interview, Joe! I wasn't aware of your secondary twitter account just for reviews. I'm now following you on there.

I hadn't considered Twitter as a place for popping out quick wine reviews, but I like the notion of keeping it short. I'm exploring options outside of Corkd for wine reviews and thinking of trying CellarTracker- do you write your quick wine reviews only on Twitter or do you use some other service for your wine reviews?

Joe Roberts said...

Thanks, Bob!

I only use the twitter account (and my own notebook of tasting notes) to capture wine reviews. I've tred Cork'd and CellarTracker, and certainly think they're useful and well done, but they're just no for me (or, I'm not for them). Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Joe, it was a great interview. Twitter + Wine Reviews = Awesome.

Thanks for mentioning Alan Kropf's interview as well.

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