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Twitter Taste Live: The 89 Project - TONIGHT 8PM ET!

Another Twitter Taste Live event is upon us. Tune in right here at 8PM ET TONIGHT to catch the action LIVE.

This time, the topic is near and dear to my heart, as it involves The 89 Project, of which I am a contributing member. We will be tasting, live, selections of wines that have been rated "89 points" - blind. Things should get very interesting during this TTL!

Anyway, the action will be available live right here at this post (a recap. will also be available here after the event)...



Hope to see you on twitter!

Cheers! (image: twittertastelive.com)


Joe Roberts said...

FYI all - there's a nice wrap-up of the 89 Project TTL event now available on the 89 Project website. Cheers!

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