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Just a quick update to let you know that I'm one of several wine bloggers who were interviewed by the irrepressible Kaz & Randy of WineBizRadio.com at the recent Wine Bloggers Conference in Sonoma, CA.

The WBR folks have been doing a phenomenal job the last few weeks of capturing the events of the WBC, and they have just posted a segment where they interviewed a few of us wine bloggers.

These interviews were conducted after an "alternate" conference agenda item was added, which consisted of a growing number of wine bloggers playing hooky and drinking poolside at the conference center.

Anyway, if you want to hear how I sound when I'm very, very buzzed, have a listen here.

In my interview, I give props (of sorts) to Tom Wark, Gino Razzi, and Steve Heimoff, almost tear up as I recall the collective love of the wine blogging community (and experience the collective effects of several glasses of wine), and truly "connect" during a deeply emotional "moment" with an uncharacteristically cuddly Kaz and a characteristically cuddly Randy.

Cheers! (image: talkshoe.com, 1WineDude.com)


Anonymous said...

Heh, you called me cuddly.

You and all of the wine bloggers out there have earned Kaz's and my deep respect for keeping it real.

The real question is: how many points did I score (or get docked) for Sonadora's interview as the finale?

Joe Roberts said...

Randy - but you *are* cuddly, man! :)

I think Sonadora's spot was good but did NOT live up to the hype, I expected a much more drunken interview! :)

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