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Greetings from WBC08 (or "It's 10AM PT, and I'm already drinking")

Greetings from the waning moments of the 2008 Wine Bloggers Conference in Sonoma.

It's 10AM PT. And yes, I am drinking already. Some great things are happening here in Sonoma, and I'm looking forward to blogging about my winery walk through Michel Schlumerger, our discussion on the state of wine media (during which I received props from Steve Heimoff), being interviewed by WineBizRadio and Mutineer Magazine, and tasting some amazing wines (many at very odd times).

More to come after my mini-vacation, wherein I will visit Kaz winery (finally...).

10AM Pacific Time @ WBC08 on 12seconds.tv


Anonymous said...

What the hell kind of glass are you tasing wine out of?

Unknown said...

Were you really drinking, tasting, or just free associating?

No, you were drinking - I saw you!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I'm friggin tired. Who would have thought that tasting wine and socializing would be such hard work. Anyway, it was great to finally meet you face-to-face. I had a blast!

Joe Roberts said...

Thanks, all! Oh, I was drinking all right - out of the only glassware available at the time!

Michael - great meeting you too. And I concur - a fabulous but exhausting time...

Anonymous said...

You most certainly were interviewed by Mutineer Magazine, and a hell of an interview it was. It was great meeting you in person, keep up the awesome work with the blog.

Joe Roberts said...

Thanks, Alan - happy to help, and nice meeting you as well; best of luck with Mutineer!

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