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Get Your Buzz On: the Foodbuzz Publisher Community Launches

For a while now (not sure how long exactly... after a certain amount of wine those sort of details get fuzzy...), I've been part of an on-line community called Foodbuzz.

I'm what they call a featured publisher, and to be honest I'm not sure exactly what that means, except that I was kindly invited into the community at the ground level to help them seed the wine-related side of their foodie content (as well as Philly-area food content) in preparation for their official launch.

Full disclosure: I'm also an affiliate with Foodbuzz, which means that once every blue moon I get a $4 PayPal payment from clickthrus, but I hope you will believe me when I say that this isn't exactly buying them coverage with this post - I just wanted to mention them because their site looks like a very cool spot for foodies to hang out and connect. At times I've found the website a bit sluggish, and the tabs and menus can be difficult to navigate (for me, anyway), but otherwise it's top-notch.

Foodbuzz has been on my ever-growing list of social networking sites that I need to spend more time on, sadly a list that has been expanding exponentially since the birth of my baby daughter.

But... if I was going to jump into a foodie network ASAP, then Foodbuzz would be the place.

Not only do they now have 1000+ bloggers from nearly 50 countries providing interesting (not to mention mouthwatering) foodie content, they are also one of the nicest group of affiliates that I've ever been involved with, on-line or off.

The reason I'm mentioning this is that Foodbuzz has officially launched its online publisher community - you can check out the details here - which means that you can join up.

I've just this week finally met up with the local Foodbuzz featured publisher crew for dinner and drinks - always a tasty proposition in the Philly corner of the world - at Fork in Old City Philadelphia, which has a very interesting wine list, by the way, and great eats. Following is a list of the other Philly-area Foodbuzz Featured Publishers that attended - click away and check out their way cool foodie blogs:

The Real Potato
Trav's Gone Gluten-Free
Food Enthusiast
Food Nerd
I'll Eat You
When words Fail
Five Spice Duck
Dream Kitchen
John and Lisa are Eating in South Jersey

These are all talented writers and passionate foodie peeps - so go check them and Foodbuzz out (and pay Foodbuzz more attention than I have lately!). If you join up at Foodbuzz, feel free to friend me up while you're there.

(image: flickr.com - snddsn)


John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Thanks for the mention. Sorry we could not make it out last week. :(
- John

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