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His Own Legacy: Paul Newman (1925 - 2008)

This is a post about wine. Sort of.

Actually, it's more a celebration of all things Bad-Ass.

That's because we just lost one of the most bad-ass individuals who has ever walked the face of the earth - Paul Newman.

Of Newman's bad-ass status, there can be no doubt. Google "Baddass actors Paul Newman" and you will get about 11,000 hits. In his heyday, Newman was the Brad Pitt of his time, only without the annoyingly smug and self-possessed attitude, and with millions of dollars of world-enhancing charity goodness thrown in to seal the deal.

If Chuck Norris is bad-ass (and he is), there is no question that he is second generation bad-ass, having learned his key bad-assness traits from the master, Newman.

Newman was so bad-ass that he was able to make dog treats for very small yappy dogs, salad dressing, and even wine (ah-ha! finally, a tie-in!), and still remain a total bad-ass...

How is the wine? I've never tried it myself, as it's available only in restaurants I think, but the reviews suggest that his Chardonnay is a winner, and it pairs best with movie popcorn, which of course you need to have on hand when watching one of Newman's bad-ass films (like Slapshot).

Nothing against Chardonnay, but let's face it - outside of Burgundy it's taken a hit in terms of bad-ass status because of the super-buttery treatment it received for the last few years by New World winemakers.

If your best wine is a white (not the typical pick of the bad-ass male), and it's a Chardonnay, and you're still a bad-ass, then you are a bad-ass indeed!

So this week, crack open a bottle of something bad-ass, fix yourself some popcorn, pop in one of Newman's bad-ass flicks, and take a moment to celebrate the life of a true bad-ass: star, entertainer, family man, and philanthropist.

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Anonymous said...

Ain't no man eat 50 eggs!

Anonymous said...

A winemaker once told me that it is harder to make a good white wine than it is to make a good red wine (with the caveat that Syrah essentially makes itself). Combine that with the fact that chardonnay does present challenges in the vineyard and in the cellar and there is nothing to dismiss about a good chardonnay.

WineDiverGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WineDiverGirl said...

Can't deny the Paul Newman Bad Ass thing...And Slapshot & Chardonnay. Chuck Norris, on the other hand is braun without the brains. Not even in PN's class. Really. Like Pepsi Lite.

David Carradine on the other hand...could be on the list.

And Syrah...that should be on the Bad Ass list too!

In fact...maybe there needs to be a Bad Ass list! Top 10?!

Vinogirl said...

Well done, a nice tribute...and I love 'Slapshot'.

Joe Roberts said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Please note that no harm was meant to Chardonnay, I was just pointing out that most guys who look up to badasses probably don't drink whites. They should, they just probably don't...

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