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In preparation for the upcoming Twitter Tasting Live Event (hosted by Winecast & BinEndsWine.com) on August 21st, I'm giving away FREE 1WineDude.com gear!

This round of the live twitter wine tasting will focus on the fabulous Alsace wines of Hugel & Fils. Mrs. Dudette and I will (once again) be hosting a group of local wine geeks and industry folk to taste the wines - while yours truly captures the (increasingly inebriated) tasting comments from our panel via my twitter account.

Of course, we want all of you folks to join in on this fun as well and taste along with us, and the rest of the twitter live participants (twitipants?). Check out BinEndsWine.com for details on how to join up.

I may also be streaming the (increasingly inebriated) 1WineDude group commentary via my Yahoo! Live channel!

Anyway, help me out and YOU could soon be wearing a Men's "Wine Rules!" T-shirt, or a Women's "1WineDude.com" cap sleeve T-shirt! Or be reading through the cool tips & tricks of wine tasting in my eBook!

All you have to do is help me & Mrs. Dudette prepare for the twitter tasting. Easy peasy nice an' squeezy!...

Here's the skinny:

  • Mrs. Dudette and I need to cook for our guests, and we need YOUR help! Leave a comment on this here post anytime between now and midnight ET Sunday, August 17. In your comment, tell us your favorite food to pair with wines from Alsace.
  • I will randomly select two winners from the comments.
  • Next week, I'll post a round up of my favorite pairings from the comments, and will announce the winners:

    First Prize: A 1WineDude.com T (as described above)!

    Second Prize: A free copy of the 1WineDude.com Wine Tasting Guide!
Nothing to it.

So get cookin' already!

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Andrew said...

You know what.. I think these would be superb with a range of Alsace wines -



craigdrollett said...

With all the Gewurz, go spicy, but not too spicy, or your palate will get toasted.

For the Gewurz VT.... Pan seared Foie Gras... Trust me! Or if you want to get really crazy, I had this exact wine w/ a Foie Gras Creme Brulee at Pic in Valence a couple of years back... still tasting it!!!

Robert McIntosh said...

Well, Alsace to me means PORK!

My favourite was Suckling Pig (http://wineculture.blogspot.com/2008/04/wine-pork.html - check out the link to the photo) but a little tough to pull off at home

You could try a nice pork belly or what we in the UK call Gammon (a boiled bacon joint) with Parsley Sauce

Now I'm making myself hungry

Joe Roberts said...

Oh, man... I am *SO* hungry right now...!

Anonymous said...

Go with a raw foods menu:
tomato and green mango tartar,
summer rolls with green papaya,
Celeriac and Green Apple Soup with Black Truffle,
zucchini and green zebra tomato lasagna,
chocolate ganache tart
all those bright, fresh, in season flavors to stand up against the wine would kick ass and I can make the menu.:)

Anonymous said...

I think white wines from the Alsace would go well with crab cakes. And those scallop and bacon appetizers.

Robert McIntosh said...

in fact, I think you've inspired me to organise suckling pig (Cochinillo Asado) for our European Wine Bloggers Conference dinner. Check out "traditional" restaurant:


looking forward to my t-shirt! :)

Unknown said...

You're all wrong, wrong, wrong!

Ha ja ja ja ha.

It's smoked trout on pumpernickel.
Perhaps with a little cream cheese and a sliver of cornichon.

Thank you for choosing me ahead of time. Or Thank you ahead of time for choosing me.

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