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What the Heck Kind of Wine are You, Anyway? The Wrap-Up

Last week I played around with one of those kitschy on-line questionnaires, which, since it had to do with wine, I found not-so-kitschy anymore.

The questionnaire/quiz was titled "What Kind of Wine are You?", hosted at BlogThings.com, and the on-line wine geek community seems to have really taken to it, based on all of the twitter chatter going on as we shared our results.

What I found most interesting was the number of people who cried foul at having wanted to "be" a nebbiolo, but being given instead an entirely different 'spirit wine' (usually Merlot). Maybe it's just me, but I associate Merlot with Vieux Chateau Certan, Duckhorn, Cheval Blanc, and Petrus - which just doesn't feel like disreputable company...

Seems the designers of the "What Kind of Wine are You?" quiz need to check their personality assumptions with the rest of us wine geeks and revise the quiz...?

Anyway, here are a few wine blogger / wine geek results that the group shared with me. If anything, it might serve as an interesting introduction to a handful of wine websites that you might not have checked out yet:


(images: dawneasterevents.blogspot.com)


dhonig said...

dhonig- Merlot

Joe Roberts said...


Another Merlot... what's the world coming to?? :-)

Anonymous said...

Apparently I'm Chardonnay, which is one of my least favorite varieties. Oh well!

Andrew said...

Although I agree entirely with their encapsulation of my personality I do object to being associated with a Pizza!

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