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Don't Feed the Trolls Part Deux: Tales from the Snake-Pit

Remember earlier today, when I said it was "Non-Post Week" here at 1WineDude.com?

Ok, so I lied.

Well, I didn't intend to lie, it just, kind of... you know... happened.

I'm interrupting (already!) our previously scheduled 'Non-Post' week non-event to share with you a link to my buds over at Wine Biz Radio, who were kind enough to have me on today's episode of their radio show / podcast, where I discuss my thoughts on the recent Wine Spectator chaos, as well as my recent experience "interacting" in their on-line forum (a.k.a, "the snake-pit").

Check it out here: http://winebizradio.com/articles/winebizradio-20080825/ .

Ok. Back to not posting. I promise this time!

(image: thage.com.au)


Anonymous said...

YIKES! The snake pit.... I think I'd rather drink MD 20/20 ... LOL!


Anonymous said...

'Vin-dicator' lives. Hmmm...tights yellow...cape blue...body suit red. Go Vindicator.

Joe Roberts said...

I actually know people who still drink MD... :-P

weeree san - alright, alright... I *know* ;-) But the radio show was *before* you folks told me to stop wasting my time on the forum. Of course, that doesn't explain why I am still posting over there... (doh!)

Anonymous said...

As stated on Twitter, it's not worth the initiation fee and the headache. I'm afraid your good deeds and suggestions are falling on deaf ears...


BTW - does WS have a PR dept???

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