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An International Incident: Connecting with Wine Bloggers in the 'Real World'

This past week, during a trip to Windsor I had the pleasure of meeting up with two very talented an knowledgeable wine bloggers - Robert McIntosh (the Wine Conversation), and Andrew Barrow (the venerable Spittoon.biz). In the 'real world' that is.

I also had the pleasure of sharing some bottles of real wine, sharing real food (at the Two Brewers pub), and having real honest-to-goodness conversation with like-minded wine geeks.

Personally, I love connecting with the wine blogging community online. In fact, I don't think I've ever been accepted more quickly, or by a better group of folks - a large (and ever-expanding) one at that. And certainly the online wine world made our get-together possible, organized in record time via twitter.

But as I'm fond of saying, reading about wine tasting is like trying to learn how to french kiss by studying a diagram. At times, on-line conversations and friendships can reach a similar point on their trajectory. As Rob so aptly puts it in his recap of our 'International Wine Bloggers Mini-Conference', the ultimate point is to make real friends, in the real world...

Which is exactly what we did last week.

What do wine bloggers talk about when they get together face to face? We talk about the same things that we discuss on-line: wine, the state of its culture and service in our world today, and how to further the cause of making wine more accessible - with a smattering of personal tidbits for good measure.

In between sips, that is.

The highlight of our get-together for me was the near-instant camaraderie; never having met face to face before did not prevent us for a millisecond from striking up interesting conversation and enjoying one another's company.

A close second was the match-up between the lamb entree and our bottle of 2000 Chateau Musar.

But that's exactly the kind of thing that you need to have been there to truly appreciate.

(images: wineculture.blogspot.com)


Robert McIntosh said...

Yes, I should have gone with the lamb and not tormented you with the black pudding!

Great to have met you and shared a real bottle of wine with you and Andrew - and also glad we left the French kissing in diagram form


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an incredible time, and why I'm a little sad that I may not be able to make it to the North American Wine Blog Conference to meet many bloggers I've been dying to see in person. As you said, online conversations are great, but meeting someone physically really bonds the relationship.

Andrew said...

It certainly was a fine evening; you must let us know the next time you are in the UK so we can do it again!

Would seem the wine blogging world is moving on and creating some off-line friendships; gotta be a good thing!

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