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El Vino Cheapo, Parte Dos

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Last week, I posted an article with my Top 10 Budget Wine picks. In the dreamy, sleep-deprived bliss of fatherhood, I totally missed the opportunity to invite you to submit YOUR favorite low-cost wines.

Blame it on the magic of having a new baby in the house - the kind of special magic that wakes you at 3AM and keeps you up until 6AM soothing a small, crying human being and saying things like "Aaaaaawwwwwwww.... What's the matter sweet lil' munchkin?"

Anyway, let's make up for this gross oversight!

Got a great "budget wine" recommendation? Shout it out in the Comments!

The criteria:
1) You have to think the wine is good
2) The wine needs to be widely accessible
3) The wine needs to be cheap (ideally under $15 USD, but certainly not more than $20 tops).

In other news: My stint in "new baby-land" continues, and so far I am really digging being a dad. To help me out and give me some extra diaper-changing time, there will be more interesting guest posts for you next week. Stay tuned...



Anonymous said...

Peachy Canyon Incredible Red for pizza or anything zesty - $10

Mark West Pinot Noir - also $10 (usually)

There are great mid-week picks that are tasty if not super complex, and very friendly to the gas strapped wallet.

I also enjoyed the Alexander Fitch Alex. Valley Cab from Trader Joe's but alas the 2005 is gone, and the 2006 is not nearly as good, even if it is only $5.99.

For a white, Geyser Peak Sauvingnon Blanc is terrific. I have found previous vintages at Cost Plus for as little as $3 on clearance, and current vintages for $8.99.

I drink a lot of good stuff, but sometimes I am a tad overextended before pay day, and these keep me in the juice nicely.

Joe Roberts said...

Thanks, VinquireThea. Excellent picks - especially if you found a decent bottle of vino for under $6!


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