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Announcing "Tales of the Purple Monkey!"

Inspired in part by El Bloggo Torcido's Take Your Rubber Chicken to Work Day, as well as Jill's plans to introduce a plush toy version of her wine bottle mascot at domaine547 - and, to be more honest, to give myself an excuse to play with my baby daughter's plush toys (hardly fair since I'm raiding them before she's even out of Mrs. Dudette's belly!) - I give you Tales of the Purple Monkey.

From this day onwards, Purple Monkey will appear in all full-length post wine reviews here on 1WineDude.com, though it's not yet clear if PM can write the reviews or not. Who knows, I'm always lookin' for guest posts so I may give it a shot, or at least let him screech out his thoughts on the wine and note them after my review.

And come to think of it, screeching monkey howls will actually make my goofy reviews appear more professional and traditional in comparison so in the interests of selfishness you gotta admit that one is too good to pass up!

Purple Monkey does not yet have a name, so I'm opening that up to any and all readers. If you want suggest a name, shout it out in the Comments.


(translated: Purple Monkey thanks you)


Tim said...

Chad. Yes, most definitely Chad.

Why? He just seems to call out, "Chad" for some reason ;-)


Taster B said...

Plumboo the Monkey

Joe Roberts said...

Plumboo - Oh. My. Gawd! That's excellent!!

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