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2008 American Wine Blog Awards - Get Voting, People!

Blame it on the full moon, the equinox, or (purple!) monkeys from space... but strange things are afoot...

The little dudette is coming a week early! Mrs. Dudette's water broke last night, so new 1WineDude.com content will likely be a bit slow in coming over the next two weeks or so. Never fear, Dude has lined up some interesting stuff and maybe a guest post or two for your enjoyment in the meantime!

The 2008 American Wine Blog Award Finalists have been announced, and (as expected) 1WineDude.com, as expected, is not among them; remeber that technically I'm not eligible as a finalist, as I've explained in a previous post. But once again THANK YOU to all those that nominated this here blog anyways! It's still uber-important that you vote, and that your voices be heard. So head on over to the Fermentation Blog and Rock The Vote!

If you're not familiar with the finalists and are wondering where your vote should be cast, I've made it more than clear in the past that I consider Alder's Vinography to be the creme-de-la-creme of the current blog scene in terms of quality wine writing, so Alder (for what it's worth) has my "official" endorsement (though there are many fine blogs among the finalists that deserve your consideration).

UPDATE: There has been some serious (and high quality) debate... er, I mean discussion on this topic over at the Open Wine Consortium. Certainly worth checking out if you're interested in how wine bloggers operate and cooperate as community on-line. By the way, I think you should still vote.



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