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Wine Makes You Sexier (I'm just sayin'...)

(image: www.yandy.com)

And it's not because the object of your desire becomes more desirable after you've put on the "wine goggles."

According to a survey jointly sponsored by the Australian Wine Council and on-line dating service Match.com, having a healthy knowledge of the world's most romantic beverage makes you more attractive, with those people preferring Italian wines being viewed as particularly "sexy" and "stylish."

There's still plenty of time for you to order up a copy of Vino Italiano and join us for the first Wine Book Club. Just sayin'...

Wine X Magazine (as reported by autumnilia) backs up the "wine = sexier" conclusion in an interview with sexpert Dr. Ruth, who tells us that wine is an essential element of foreplay (she prefers Beaujolais Nouveau, gewurztraminer, and CA white, so those may be some of the sexiest wine choices, seeing as how she's a sexpert and whatnot- again, just sayin').

Finally - If you're totally desperate on this most Hallmark of holidays, Yahoo! Answers has a thread about what wine choices make a drinking partner appear the most attractive. Chianti and Sake got the nods there. Just sayin'.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks wine dude! So what wine do I have to use to get the girl in the picture?

Joe Roberts said...

Thanks, mapsokardu!

To answer your question: probably the `82 Mouton, served to you in that special glass you had made from extremely rare meteorite diamonds, by the staff that looks after your private island and yachts, which are large enough for you to grow your own vineyards on, irrigated by the 14 Olympic sized natural spring water pools you had installed on whim last year when you sold your Internet startup companies...

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