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The Main Domaine
For some time now, I've been digging the blog stylings of 1WineDude.com friend Jill over at domaine547.com. The domain457 on-line wine store has recently gone green, which is a move always viewed favorably by the Dude. Not that my opinion on green livin' matters in the grand scheme of things. But it's worth some props!

One of the especially cool things about an on-line wine retailer that also participates actively in wine blogging, is that they can leverage the knowledge of the "wine blogosphere collective hive mind" to construct a killer wine selection. Not sure if anyone is also considering leveraging the knowledge of the "wine blogosphere collective hive mind" to attempt an evil plan at world domination, but if I hear about that, I will definitely blog it (but it will probably still only get, like, at most 3 diggs...).

Anyway, constructing a killer wine selection is exactly what domaine547 has done. Case in point: they've got a special category in their product line up called Wine Blogger Sampler Packs. These packs are made up of wines recommended by the wine blogging community, including selections from the likes of BrooklynGuy Loves Wine. Some very intriguing stuff is in them there packs; wish I could order some and have them delivered to PA... but... alas...

domaine547 is kindly offering a 5% discount to 1WineDude.com readers - so check out their store and take advantage of the savings! (Use coupon code "dude" during checkout).

Wine 2.0 in Yo Face
Oh, got another tidbit for ya: this week has seen the launch of a wine-peeps facebook-style online community called the OpenWine Consortium. I signed up as user #20-something. Their now up to 200+ members in only a few days - explosive growth.

It's a great mish-mash of wine consultants, wine industry folks, wineries, wine bloggers, and wine lovers. New groups / discussions are popping up like mad, such as this one for WSET students (wish I'd had access to that kind of brain power when I took my WSET exams!). Check it out - join up and get yerself a little bit of Wine 2.0!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, Dude! And thanks for your crusade against the archaic state shipping laws. Hopefully one day (soon?) we'll be able to ship to anybody who wants our wares...

Joe Roberts said...

Thanks, Jill - Ah, to hope for the future...!

Sarah - Uhmm... is that a suggestion based on your perceived quality of my blog content...?

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