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In the News: NJ Fights for Wine Shipping Rights (Give Us Free! - Part III)

Found a great article on Newsday.com today detailing how the current archaic U.S. state wine shipping laws are negatively impacting the budding wine production business in New Jersey.

And if you think NJ is not state with fine wine potential, then you've probably not yet tasted the premium reds from Tomasello Winery, which was one of the top favorite picks of Andrea Immer on her TV show Simply Wine. For the record, Tomasello has stopped shipping wine to consumers within their own state.

This same scenario is playing out with similar negative effects all over the continental U.S. You can do something about it - starting with writing to your state legislators to let them know how you feel.


Anonymous said...

Tomasello makes some excellent wines, I agree! Personally, I'm fond of their Vintage Port 2005. It's a shame that states are making it difficult for these wineries to do business.

Joe Roberts said...

Yeah - it seems as though many states are taking the stance that instead of being fair to everybody, they will be unfair to everybody and that will fulfill their legal requirements under fair commerce since they're treating everyone the same way.

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