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How To: Select-A-Wine

Executive summary: Leave me a comment on this post with your special event / dinner / what-have-you, and I will respond back with a wine suggestion to match, no strings attached. If you like it, spread the word...

"Will this red really go with Aunt Martha's roast chicken and cloves...?"

Have you ever been in a pinch for selecting the right bottle of wine for a given occasion? Or just been frustrated by walking the isles in a supermarket or wine store, staring at the seemingly endless rows of bottles and wondering "what the hell is all of this stuff... I just want to know what goes with [insert dinner menu here]??!?"

I certainly have - in fact, it's moments like those that sent me on the path to 'wine geekdom'. One day long ago, while staring down the intimidating rows of French and CA wines, I made a pact with myself - I was determined that I would "lick this wine thing" and turn it into something that I enjoyed, instead of something that made me feel like running timidly out of the liquor store door.

There are hundreds of tools and articles to help match food & wine, but these can only take you so far, and rarely (if ever) describe the exact situation you may have when you're facing a a tough food & wine match, or one of those hot-date-night-gotta-get-right scenarios.

So... I've been thinking that it would be fun to help others on their quest for the right wine pairings for their given situation, and to use my newfound wine powers for the purpose of good, justice league style (just without the cape & tights).

So - I invite any of who stumble onto this blog to drop me a comment describing your situation/event/meal plan/etc., and I will respond back my recommendations on the style of wine (and, if possible, specific wines that have served me well in similar situations in the past).

Who knows - together we might build an impressive mini-library of real-world wine pairing experiences! And the worst-case scenario is that you get to try something new while tapping into my wine experience and knowledge (at no expense to you, and without having to take all of those damn certifications!).

Cheers, and happy pairing!


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