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1WineDude Code of Ethics

For the sake of transparency, I've outlined my personal blogging code of conduct / ethics below. I welcome any questions, concerns, or comments you may have about these - the bottom line in all of this is that I am here in the blogosphere to be as fair and genuine as possible in what I write.

I am not a journalist by education or by trade. For the most part, as much as is reasonable, I follow the blogging code of ethics as outlined at this link.

I am not affiliated with any of the companies or websites linked on this blog, apart from advertisers / affiliate programs who (obviously) pay me in some way/shape/form to be featured here; examples:

I don't work for any wine shops, wine retailers, wine stores, winemakers, or wineries. Therefore, I fundamentally consider myself an independent source of wine information, because the only tie I have to the wine trade is through independent consulting.

I reserve the right to refuse to review any wine that is sent to me for the purpose of a review on this blog. I may or may not agree to write a post when/if I receive a wine. If a winery or distributor sends me a wine, and I do decide to review it, I review it objectively.

As a general rule, I do NOT taste & review wines blind. This is because I don't know anyone in the normal world who drinks their wines blind with dinner.

I make no claims or guarantees whatsoever as to whether or not this blog and its contents will entertain/educate/enlighten/offend/exacerbate you, incite riots, contribute to the fall of Communism, make the roads safe for cyclists, or give you the ability to produce useful mechanized farm equipment from pieces of clay and raw hemp.

I do hope it will help you to enhance your appreciation of wine, however!



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