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Baked Goods: Announcing Wine Blogging Wednesday 51(WineDude) Edition!

I have the pleasure - and honor - of announcing the next Wine Blogging Wednesday theme, #51 (or as I like to call it, "the 51WineDude Edition!"), hosted this time right here on 1WineDude.com. Special thanks to WBW founder Lenn over at Lenndevours for throwing WBW #51 my way!

The Theme:
Dude has a serious sweet-tooth. Therefore, November's WBW theme will be dessert-wine related! And the theme is...

"Baked Goods" - wines that are deliberately heated, or Madeirized. According to the way-cool wine glossary at RedWineBuzz.com, Madeirized wines describes the "intentional oxidation of grapes in an estufa (hothouses used for this purpose in Madeira, where these wines are made). The resulting wines (typically whites) are sweet and caramelized in taste."

These wines often also have nutty aromas, a honey-like mouthfeel, and distinctive bronzed color. Yumminess! Examples include (of course) Madeira, but also wines in other parts of the world such as Australia's Rutherglen Tokays.

Now, Lenn and I do realize that these wines are not always easy to come by, so we're also allowing sweet Fortified wines into WBW 51(WineDude), which should provide enough options for everyone to contribute. For great examples of the styles of wines you can choose for this round of WBW, check out the excellent dessert wine production overview page at MusingsOnTheVine.com...

The Logistics
WBW 51WineDude Edition will take place on Wednesday, November 12.

The way that WBW works (in summary): You get a wine that lines up with the theme, you review said wine, post your review, and send a link to the host, who will then summarize the event and write a wrap-up with a link to your review. Nothin' to it!

So, to participate in this round of WBW, post a comment to 1WineDude.com on or before Nov. 12 (either comment on this post, or to the post on Nov. 12). and include the link to your review.

It's gonna be a sweet time, people!

(images: winebloggingwednesday.org, cupcakesgourmet.com)


Alex said...

Oooh, I got all excited because I have a TBA at home that _needs_ to be drunk ... but I'm going to hunt out an interesting Madeira just for the event! Hooray!

Dr. Debs said...

GREAT THEME. And now I have an excuse to buy expensive dessert sherry--and cheaper dessert sherry, too!

Joe Roberts said...

Thanks, people!!

Looking forward to hosting this. Except for all of the work of the write-up afterward, of course... :-P

Debra Morgan said...

Dude, Here's my post!


Anonymous said...

I'm back in the blogging saddle! I love the complexities of sweet and sticky. Time to SHOP!!!

Joe Roberts said...

Thanks! Great having everyone on board - I'm getting psyched to see what everyone gulps down for this one!

Matt mmWine Horbund said...

I am VERY much looking forward to participating in WBW51. I happen to have 3 different ports sitting here that I'm DYING to tear into. However, I did also pick up a 5 yr old Malmsey Madeira, JUST to be sure I have my bases covered.


Anonymous said...

I do love my dessert wines so am excited about having a most excellent reason to open this 2002 hazyblur Baroota late picked shiraz if I don't get around to finding a Madeira in the next week!

Anonymous said...

I would love to join this! Madeira is one of my favorite "baked" wines and I'm glad to have an excuse to try a new one. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Nice post idea. I'm going shopping tomorrow morning to take revenge on Madeira. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, here is my post for tomorrow thanks for hosting: http://www.strumerika.com/2008/11/11/wine-blogging-wednesday-51-baked-goods/

dhonig said...

I'm in- http://2daysperbottle.blogspot.com/2008/11/wine-blogging-wednesday-51-bodegas.html

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude! Here's our contribution: http://www.catavino.net/portugal/wbw-51-baked-goods-and-madeirized-wine/

k2 said...

Hey Dude! Thanks for the inspiration! Here's our contribution at http://underthegrapetree.blogspot.com.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe. Thanks for hosting WBW this month. I celebrated my Portuguese heritage with my contribution.



Anonymous said...

Please check out the Brixchicks review of some NV Madeiras from the Rare Wine Company of Sonoma. Thanks, dude...Xandria

Anonymous said...

WBW with 32 minutes to spare in my time zone! http://bit.ly/qXjK "Area 51...WBW...Madeira or Not"

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